Voice search will impact search queries

Voice search will impact search queries

What is voice search?

It is a very practical way for users to search the Internet through their voice. They will be able to read or listen to the answer.

All this can be done from any computer and mobile, and smart devices. Fun fact: According to MOZ data, “The voice searches that give the best results (impressions and clicks) are searches with 3 words.”

What are voice search providers?

Several technology companies are betting on this new form of search on the web, among which we can mention:

1.Siri was the first in the entire market and began to be used in 2011. It can only be managed by those who have Apple equipment and devices.

2.Google Assistant is available for all Android devices and is Google’s virtual assistant.

3.Amazon Alexa is the voice technology used by Amazon, selling more than 2 million units in the first months of 2016.

4.Microsoft Cortana, is the assistant that is included in Window 10 and 11, but it is not very common or used.

Benefits of voice search

During the last decade, many updates have been made on the web to make everything easier for users, hence the importance of knowing the benefits of voice search
• You don’t have to use your hands to type what you want to search for, just speak and be specific in your search.
• Save time.
• It is a great advantage for people who have a physical disability or suffer from illiteracy.
• Increase productivity in daily life
Without a doubt, this modality is very beneficial for many. Would you dare to use it?

How to activate voice search in Google?

Currently, this is a function used by many, and if you still do not know how to use or activate it, we will tell you how. Pay a lot of attention!
Google Chrome
A small microphone usually appears in your browser, but if it doesn’t, you need to add a voice search extension to your browser.
Ok Google
To access this feature, you must have Google Chrome up to date on your computer. Once you have verified this, you should do the following:

  1. Go to menu
  2. Click on settings
  3. Select Google as your favorite search engine
  4. Check the box for “start a voice search
    And ready! In this way, you will have the Ok Google option active and ready

How to optimize content for voice search?

With this new modality, all companies that have a presence on the web must optimize their content, so we will give you 6 tips to optimize the content of your website:
1.The design of your website must be responsive so that it can be viewed from any mobile or smart device. In this way, you will not only generate conversions, but you will be well positioned.
2.The focus of the keywords must be long tail, with a more colloquial and extensive language. It must be present from your URL, to the titles and body of the content.
3.It enhances local SEO, in this way, the search results of users will be more specific.
4.Update your content strategies, since most of the voice search is questions.
5.Structure the data of your website so that you can organize and classify your content in search engines.
6.Create a space for frequently asked questions, in this way you will provide more content to your users and they will be able to find you more easily in their voice search.

How does voice search affect SEO?

This modality seeks user satisfaction in a short time, so you must offer several answers to the queries they make on the web.
Did you know that Google rewards all the pages that respond to user responses by voice search? Yes, so dare and join this change!

Plan your SEO strategies. Remember that the main function of search engines is to provide a good user experience, and what better way to do everything right so that they return to your website?


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